Food & Cuisine

  • Photo of Cha houy teuk

    Cha houy teuk

    Cha houy teuk is a sweet jelly dessert – one of the most popular street foods in Cambodia. Its sweet…

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  • Photo of Banchao


    Banchao is also present in Vietnam with the name “Banh xeo”. However, banchao in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh is…

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  • Photo of Ansom chek

    Ansom chek

    Ansom chek is a kind of sticky rice cake with bananas in the middle. It has the shape of cylinder…

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  • Photo of Amok Trey

    Amok Trey

    Amok Trey is a traditional dish of Cambodian gastronomy that is favored by most of visitors. The original amok is…

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