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  • Photo of Sankhya lapov

    Sankhya lapov

    Sankhya lapov is usually used as a dessert at the restaurants in Cambodian. The dish consists of coconut custard steam-baked…

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  • Photo of Samlor machu

    Samlor machu

    In Khmer, “samlor” refers to soup and “machu” mean sour. Samlor machu is a kind of sour soup which is…

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  • Photo of Samlor kari

    Samlor kari

    Samlor kari is Khmer red curry in Cambodia which is made of chicken, beef or fish. It’s often cooked with…

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  • Photo of Prahok


    Prahok is a traditional dish that was invented by the Cambodian. It’s made of freshwater fish caught from Tonle Sap…

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  • Photo of Nom banh chok

    Nom banh chok

    Nom banh chok, so-called as Khmer noodles, is one of the ten most delicious Cambodian dishes according to CNNGO. It’s…

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  • Photo of Beef Lok lak

    Beef Lok lak

    In Cambodia, tourists can order lok lak at almost restaurant. The chef will serve you with marinated pork or beef…

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  • Photo of Kuy teav

    Kuy teav

    Kuy teav is a popular dish that is usually served as breakfast in Cambodia. This dish is made of rice…

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  • Photo of Kralan Rice Cake

    Kralan Rice Cake

    Kralan is made from rice mixed with beans or peas, grated coconut and coconut milk, palm sugar and sometimes sesame.…

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  • Photo of Kdam chaa

    Kdam chaa

    Coming to the Cambodian seaside town of Kep, tourists will have chance to enjoy kdam chaa, a dish of fried…

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  • Photo of Deep-fried insect snacks

    Deep-fried insect snacks

    In Cambodia, deep-fried insect snack is very popular dish and it is favored as the unique taste and the high-protein…

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