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Thala Bariwatt is the historical resort located at the same name district. From the provincial town, you have to pass 4 kilometers distance by crossing Se Kong River to the provincial road of Preah Vihear to reach Thala Bariwatt. This place is the location of the Preah Ko temple built in 7th – 8th century by the king Javarman I. A statue of Preah Ko (holy cow) is laid in front of the central tower of the temple. Nearby, there is an area of 10 squares meter for game playing. Yearly, before the Khmer New Year, the ethnic minority of Kouy gathers and celebrates their festival. The game is played here during four days and three nights.

Around the Thala Bariwatt are many ancient temples such as Prasat Pram Buon Lveng, Prasat Srey.

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