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Stung Treng is one of the most visited places in Cambodia. It is the contrary to its smallness. This small city has a long list of tourism sights including various temples, shores, rivers, etc. To visit Stung Treng, visitors can take a trip on the Seikhong River, one of the important Cambodian rivers crossing the city. Your complete journey will start from Kantuy Ko. It’s a national wildlife sanctuary where you can find various species of wildlife population. This sanctuary is a rare collection with many kinds of animals and plants under one roof. It’s really a good chance for tourists, especially zoologists to explore the diversity of nature.

The next sight is the Bou Sra Waterfall. Here, visitors will be able to gaze its haunting beauty combined by sound and force of water.

Then, tourisms can have some time relaxed at Preah Ko Temple. The temple is typical for architectural style here, and it’s also play an important role in Stung Treng’s history that makes Stung Treng be a memorable city in visitor’s minds.

Your trip will continue withWat Phnom. This temple has a beautiful location on the peak. It’s not far from the city but surrounding by a calm and quiet. Thus, this place is considered as a wonderful place to worship and meditate.

One more sight you should visit is the Hang Kho Ba Pagoda. It is one of the finest pagodas here. Tourists visiting the pagoda will be attracted and impressed by its elaboratedesign. Those all will certainly provide you a perfect vacation.

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