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Kampong Speu is a province located in the center of Southwestern Cambodia. It shares borders with Pursat and Kampong Chhnang to the north, Kandal to the east, Takeo to the southeast,Kampot to the south and Koh Kong to the west. The capital and also the main attraction in Kampong Speu province is its capital, Kampong Speu which means ‘The Pot of Starfruit’ but actually this place is famous for sugar palm and wine. Kampong Speu town is just 40km from outskirt of Phnom Penh. You can reach here by a bus to the Kampong Speu Town along the National Highway No.4 with less than 10$. The road is very good, especially from Phnom Penh. There are many things you can do and see in this town. Swimming is the major activities in Kampong Speu. You will be free to cool your body with rivers here and enjoying the surrounding view with large trees and rich vegetation. Besides, there are some rock bridges where you can feel the cool wind of Cambodia. If you want to have a true relaxing, you can visit the collages along the river banks.

The second activities here, may be shopping. Kampong Speu large market is in the central of the town where you can find and buy what ever you want. It nears the bicycle shops and food stores.

Kampong Speu is also a place of coffee shops and restaurants. You can have a hot cup of coffee while chatting with friends and even making a new friendship. However, most of people speaks the Khmer language except those in the service industry.

One more tips for you: You can be free to shopping in Kampong Speu with less than 1,000$!

About the history of Kampong Speu, this town became a tourist city and holiday resort from the middle of the 1940s. Initially, Kampong Speu is adorned by species which is imported from Japan like hot grottos, a cool breeze and cascade and pines. The main attraction in Kampong Speu is its wine and sugar palm and you are a wine lover, Kampong Speu will be your ideal place. Palm sugar wine is commonly seen here and it has a incredible flavor that may set your tounges on fire.

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