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Wat Ek Phnom temple is located 14 kilometers far from Battambang Wat Ek Phnom. The temple has stood there since the 11th century and now, it has become one of the most visited attractions around Battambang. At the weekends, Khmers usually visit the temple for picnics. However, in the weekdays, it’s covered by the quiet. If you haven’t seen the huge of Angkor Vat yet, Wat Ek Phnom temple will be a fine spot for you. On your way to get out the temple, there are some peaceful countryside scenes which certainly make your trip memorable. This is a good chance for you to see how the local people make rice paper, rice noodles and sticky bamboo rice. Nearby, there is a fish paste market – Psar Prohoc. Prohoc refers to fermented fish which is major dish of the Cambodian diet. Its taste is unusual that not everyone can taste.

And it’s the same with its smell that you might need a clothes peg. Even if you don’t like this dish, you should take a visit to the market to discover a part of culture here and may be, it will be an unforgettable experience of your vacation to Battambang.

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