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Takeo is a famous Hindu temple of the Angkor complex, built in late 10th century under the reign of the King Jayavarman V. The first name of the temple was Hemasringagiri which means the Golden Peak Mountain before the King Suryavarman I built a part of it and changed it name to Jagisvara Pandita. Nowadays, Takeo is one of the must-see temple of Siem Reap as well as of the Angkor group. With the special in structure: pyramid – shaped temple of five levels with 40m in height. Takeo is the only temple built by the biggest blocks of sandstones in the Angkor and it dedicates to the god Shiva – a powerful Hindu god. When coming to visit Takeo temple, visitors will easy find out how the ancient Khmer people built this temple : just set a block of stone on another to form the shape of a temple then they considered about decorating.

Takeo temple consists of five levels. The two first form the base, one another creats the shape of a moat, the other is organized in the quincunx way and covered by walls and carvings.

Annually, Takeo draws thousands of tourists coming to visit and quickly become an impressive tourist attraction in Angkor as well as in Siem Reap province.

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