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Sen Monorom is the capital city of Mondulkiri Province in the Eastern part of Cambodia. Just 370 km from Phom Penh, Sen Monorom is a rustic town with restaurant – and – shop lined main street and some poetic lakes. Getting here is quite easy. With 8-10$, you can reach here after 7-8 hours from Phnom Penh in a bus or a car. When arrive, you can travel around this small town on foot or if you want explore the forest, a motorbike is the ideal choice. There is not much things you can see in Sen Monorom but it’s still worth seeing. A market near the station, some wooden shops as well as jungle, waterfalls and hills are commonly seen in this place. However, there are many things you can do in Sen Monorom. Boo Sra Waterfall is one of the must-see place in Sen Monorom.

You can take some photos, cool your feet in the stream or just sit nearby and breath the fresh air of the waterfall. Moreover, if you like adventure, you can hike up to the top of Bunong Hill and meet the tribes there, visit there village and experience their daily life but beware of animals. Besides, you can join in the Elephant Valley Project and walk with giant elephants and send them back to the forest after healing.
Shopping in the shops of minorities and buy some souvenirs and handicrafts are also very interesting. About the eating place, “Middle of Somewhere”, peharp, the most famous name in this area where you can taste many delicious local dishes and beer especially. Then you can have a drink at Green House Bar and sleep in treehouses of Natural Lodge…

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