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Toul Tom Pong Market or Russian Market is popular among tourists, expatriates and the local Cambodians. Of all the traditional markets, the Russian Market offers the largest selection of souvenirs, curios and other items of interest to the visitor. Lies in the southern part of Phnom Penh, the market was named after its popularity among Russian expatriates during the 1980s.

The Russian Market carries a wide variety of items such as drinks, snacks and cooked food, traditional carvings and handicraft, gems, hand-woven Chinese and Cambodian silk, antique furniture, music, DVD and CDs, silverware, books and maps, backpacks, handbags, shoes and clothing.

For avid art collectors, the market is possibly the city’s best source of objects d’art. Interesting items for sale include wooden and stone carvings, silverware, numerous ritual objects and old Indochinese notes and coins. There are also gold and silversmiths inside the market who can be seen custom making jewelry. Local artisans often use the market to showcase their work and attract the tourists. You will find the newly-made traditional handicrafts intermingled with older genuine antique carvings.

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