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Ream National Park is located about 12 miles from Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The park was established in1993 and it’s the most diverse national park in Cambodia. Ream larges 21,000 hectares, including 15,000 hectares of land and 6,000 hectares of river and sea. Visiting the park, tourists will see secluded beaches, tropical jungles and wide rivers. This is the home of over 155 species of bird, sun bears, the endangered elongated tortoise, eagles and even dolphins. To see the national beauty of this area, the perfect way is taking a trip by boat through the national park. By a small motorboat with a canvass roof to avoid the hot sunlight, you can sail on the Prek Tuk Sap River and see spectacular scenery with the banks of the river and mangrove forests right in front of your eyes.

The natural diversity here is plenty with beautiful green kingfishers, monkeys hooting in the trees and purple jellyfish.

Walking slowly along the river, you will see some residents on small boats catching fish and shellfish. Father away down the river isKoh Som Poch Beach where you can have sunbath or swim before lunch.

It takes you about one hour through tropical jungle rich with plant life to reach the Thmor Thom fishing village. On the way, you will see exoticly beautiful butterflies and here buzz sound of cicada beetles.

In the past eight years, as Ream’s population has increased double, resources such as wood, herbs, fish and fruit are seriously over-used. It’s raising concerns, especially illegal logging and poaching. Luckily, investment on the tourism industry has restrained these problems slowly but steadily. The forests in the area now are recovering gradually.

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