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Phnom Chisor is a 133 m high hill in Sla village, Takéo Province, Cambodia. But the real attraction is locating on top of the hill. With simple material like laterite and bricks with carved sandstone lintels, Phnom Chisor temple – a 11th century temple – has become the must-see temple in Phnom Chisor. The original name of the temple is Sri Suryaparvata meaning ‘The mountain of Surya’. Inside the temple, visitors can feel the presence of Shiva and Vishnu – the two Hindu powerful spirits that Phnom Chisor dedicates – with many statues. More, the wall surrounding the temple stores many carvings and gallery describing the Hindu gods.

The 412 steps of the hills to the temple is a challenge for any visitors but the scene of the temple worth what you climbed.

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