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Located in the solemn capital Phnom Penh with more than 14,000 historical and cultural items, the National Museum of Cambodia is deserved to be the greatest and largest collection of the country. The National Museum was erected between 1917 and 1924, opened officially in 1920 and renovated in 1968. The father of the Museum is not a Cambodian but a Frenchman named George Groslier – historian, author and curator – who designed many Khmer buildings in Cambodia and had much contribution to the development and restoration of Khmer art and craft. The major topic of the collection of the Museum is the Khmer Art including sculpture, bas-reliefs, statues, of periods of the Khmer’s history – from the very first time to the recent years.

Visitors can experience the history of the Khmer Empire by numerous historical items and most of them are related to Hindu things. The statues of god such as Shiva, Vishnu or the Emperors of Khmer Empire will promote your curiosity. Besides, the Museum has many others documents like videos, photos and papers…

The National Museum, an indispensable place in Phnom Penh and Cambodia!

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