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You think that Asia doesn’t have any place like Wild West of the United State or try to look for another Wild West in the world. We will help you solve your problem by giving you valuable information about another Wild West in the South-East Asia, Ban lung capital. Banlung lies in the remote northeast province of Ratanakiri. This also the best place for anyone who is adventurous and love the Wild West scenes because of its position; Banlungis a remote province and stay at the edge of a jungle. Even so, it’s not difficult to get here. There is an airfield with flights most days from Phnom Penh. Besides, there is also a road for anyone who wants to come here by car,though road is not perfect. The trip can be made in a single day, although there are some options to overnight along the way.

There is also a boat to a town near Banlung. Moreover,another better option might be to hire a motodop (motorcycle driver) to take you around. Many of these drivers have workable English and can act as tour guides as well as providing transport.

The market is the center of Banlung. This is also the place where tourists can buy many interesting and memorable things such as souvenirs and foods which give them the most unforgettable moments in this destination.

After shopping in the central market, you can come to the Yeak Laom Lake to jogging and swimming. Besides, visiting some national parks near the lake is very interestingthough it’s illegal and unsafe if you come alone.

Another natural sight worth checking out is the numerous waterfalls around the area. You will be able to organize a day trip with a local motodop driver. The falls are a little spread out, but it’s worth a risk of becoming saddle sore when you take a plunge into a crisp, clear pool below a beautiful waterfall.

Banlung is definitely a natural and an awesome place. Getting there can be difficult, but if you are seeking nature and an adventure lover, you’ll find it in Banlung.

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