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    Toul Sleng, Toul Sleng Cambodia, Toul Sleng Travel Guide & Tours

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    Grand tour of Cambodia

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    Kep City, Kep City Cambodia, Kep City Travel Guide & Tours

    Kep is a coastal city of Cambodia, 173 km southwest of Phnom Penh and being founded in 1908 during French…
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      Mondulkiri, Mondulkiri Cambodia, Mondulkiri Travel Guide & Tours

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      About Best Cambodia Tours

      “We create unique experiences for our customers because each person wants something different.”

      Who We Are

      Best Cambodia Tours is a top-rank tour company specializing in creative and customized tours around the exciting, fascinating, and history-rich Cambodia.

      Best Cambodia Tours, operating from New York in the United States, is one of the most respected tour companies for traveling around Cambodia. Our expert tour planners’ combined years of experience far exceed the years we have been serving clients around the world. We are your definite resource for Cambodia tours. We dedicate ourselves to provide our clients with the most satisfying and memorable tour around Cambodia.

      Our Best Cambodia Tours Team

      Our core team members have been with us from the start. But we continue to build our team in response to the needs of our clients. We handpick our tour team members, choosing specialists, drivers, and guides who have the right experience. We look for members who know all the secret routes to the country’s hidden history, and its bedazzling, and astonishing scenery. We want team members who know the problems travelers may encounter, such as visa requirements, local dining and securing tickets.    

      Here at Best Cambodia Tours, we aim to provide the highest quality of service and try to make each tour package meet the group’s preferences. We do not usually offer out-of-the-box tour packages (but we do have them), because we firmly believe that no one is the same. We want you to experience the excellent destinations in Cambodia in your own way, with expert guidance from our capable and knowledgeable guides who will ensure your security and safety while touring.

      We analyze customer feedback, inquiries, and suggestions, which help us create tour packages that will highlight the beauty of Cambodia and ensure your pleasure and enjoyment.

      Why We Love Cambodia

      Cambodia is not just another tourist destination in Asia. Cambodia is a country that has a history that spans thousands of years. Human habitation of the area started around the 6th millennium BC. Chinese traders reported the existence of coastal and inland kingdoms at the beginning of the 1st century AD.

      Cambodia is home to a few kingdoms and empires, starting with Funan, an early political structure. The Angkor Empire that gave rise to several powerful Khmer kings. The Angkor Empire is one of the most important in Cambodia. It lasted for 600 years and it gave us one of the most popular attractions this side of the world – the religious temples that belong to the extensive Angkor temple complex.

      Every time we visit Cambodia, we cannot help but be awed by the intricately designed temples, the imposing statues, and the magnificence of old-world architecture. There are several ancient engineering feats as well, such as a sophisticated irrigation system that includes man-made lakes and canals. Cambodians still use parts of this ancient irrigation system to this day. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Cambodia, when we feel like we are going to discover something new every time we take our guests around?

      Customizing Your Tour

      We want you to fully enjoy your trip to Cambodia, whether it is your first time in the country or you have been here a few times. Best Cambodia Tours usually offer 7-day and 13-day tour packages. Tell us where you want to go if you have personal preferences, or we can suggest destinations according to your plan.

      Cambodia has several cathedrals, museums, protected areas, World Heritage Sites, temples, ruins, waterfalls, palaces, lakes, parks, and caves. You can visit some villages to witness firsthand how Cambodians in rural areas live, and the items they produce that you can buy. While we understand that you want to visit more places while in Cambodia, we recommend that you prioritize your destinations to explore each of the attractions fully. For example, it will take at least three days to explore the Angkor Wat complex. You do not have to visit the park in one day. You can spread it over three days, to build up your excitement and expectations.

      We take care of your gustatory needs. We will take you to discover the varied tastes of Cambodia, by introducing you to some of the country’s mouth-watering dishes, from sweet-tasting Kralan rice cakes to Kuy teav, Beef Lok lak, Nom banh chok, Kdam chaa to Amok Trey. Cambodian cuisine is usually made from fresh ingredients, made flavorful by the combination of local herbs. Unlike the dishes from other Asian nations, Cambodian dishes are typically mild, so you do not have to worry when you are not into spicy food. If you want to add a bit of zing, restaurants normally serve chili on the side. They do have exotic dishes, too, such as Red Ants with Beef and protein-rich Deep-fried Insects.  

      Best Cambodia Tours – Our Story

      Best Cambodia Tours started out of a common love for traveling. Our incorporators made the decision among themselves, deciding on specializing in tours around Cambodia because all of them have visited and continue to be intrigued by the enchanting country and its history.

      The incorporators studiously learned the business side of the travel industry. They drew inspiration from their individual travel experiences, what they find lacking, what could be improved, the tour highlights, the destinations, and the logistics.

      After successfully setting up the Best Cambodia Tours, we set about making the company known to travelers, creating aggressive and creative marketing strategies to reach our target audiences. We analyzed demographic data to identify other platforms we can use to ensure that we are visible and accessible to travelers.

      We created a buzz, and soon, we became one of the most trusted tour operators in our niche market.

      But we remain ambitious, and we want to be on top of the ladder. And we do not just rely on reports, videos, and photographs. We see to it that we travel to Cambodia frequently, going on tours ourselves to find out if we need to make changes in our packages, our service, and our pricing. We personally visit our different partners in Cambodia to see if they have changes, suggestions, and other ideas to ensure client satisfaction.

      We are proud that our staff members remain loyal to us. And we treat them like family members. However, we demand the highest standards of professionalism from all of them. We require them to attend training programs and seminars to update their knowledge and send them on tours themselves outside Cambodia so they can gain firsthand experience on what it is like to be a traveler and what other tour operators offer. We believe that their experience will help them improve personally and professionally, and they can provide the company with insights on what competitors are doing.

      What We Promise You 

      Each person is different, which is one of our guiding factors when preparing tour packages. Therefore, whatever travel package you order, it will be different. We specialize in customized and personalized Cambodia tours, and we will exert all effort to make your trip the fits you the most.

      Even if you’re traveling solo, you will not feel alone when you reach Cambodia. You will have a guide who will accompany you to your chosen destinations and explain things unfamiliar to you. We want you to understand the country and its culture and learn something more about a place, a temple, a statue, or food that you will not read from books and travel brochures. We want you to enjoy your adventure as well as create fond memories about your visit to Cambodia.

      Our guides and our drivers know the best places to visit, the best restaurants to enjoy local cuisine, and some secret nooks and crannies that may surprise you, and which only locals know.

      Why Book Your Travel with Best Cambodia Tours

      Our tour director here at Best Cambodia Tours focuses on delivering real value to every client we serve. We understand our clients expect the very best, and as our company name suggests, we see to it each of our clients has the best moments during their Cambodian tour.

      Unique experience

      We work on this premise, making it our goal to deliver an extraordinary experience, and we continue to challenge ourselves to do that. There are still many things that remain hidden in the forests of Cambodia as well as in other parts of the country.

      A few years back, archeologists found a lost city that predates Angkor Wat, the Phnom Kulen. The Lidar imagery revealed that the lost city, believed to be the Khmer Empire’s birthplace, seems to be the model for Angkor Wat.

      Discoveries such as this add more to the reasons why Cambodia continues to fascinate. And we, along the rest of the world, eagerly anticipate what else the dense forests and the land reveal soon.  


      We provide fixed tour packages for travelers who want to experience everything. But we specialize in customizing tour packages according to your personal choices. This flexibility allows us to create a tour program just for you. All you need to do is to get in touch with us.

      Knowledge and experience

      The travel advisors we have at Best Cambodia Tours are all experienced. Their knowledge of the country, their constant training, and their natural care for every client allow us to give you the best advice, information, itinerary, and pricing we can provide.

      Commitment to safety

      We understand Cambodia best, and as a professional tour operator, we uphold that our clients should remain safe while under our care. We have safety management in place to cover the following:

      • Resorts or hotels. We ensure that we choose and arrange the best accommodation according to what the confirmation voucher states
      • As part of keeping you safe and secure, we see to it that our tour vehicles are in good condition, clean and air-conditioned. Our experienced drivers are always on time, and they are trained to assist our clients.

      Experienced and knowledgeable tour guides

      Who knows his own country better than a local? That is why we choose experienced locals to lead our tour programs. Their vast and deep knowledge, as well as their industry training, give them an edge. They make it a personal mission to connect visitors with their country’s culture, identifying the best spots to view the Amkor Wat, exploring temples, savoring popular local dishes, even guiding you to the ideal spots for photo ops.

      24-hour support

      Our assistance to our clients does not stop once they are back into their hotels. We are available for emergency assistance, and you can get in touch with our tour operator, tour leader, and our tour guide through their cellphones the entire day. At Best Cambodia Tours, we want you to feel that you have someone by your side, ready to assist when you need help.

      Pre-inspection of Planned Destinations

      Because customized tour packages are not pre-determined, our tour advisor and tour operator see to it that we inspect all the sites, hotels, restaurants, and other destinations you have in your program. We trust our travel teams, but we want to be doubly sure that you are safe. And don’t worry, our travel team leaders, guides, and drivers are all trained to handle unexpected things.

      Competitive Pricing

      We put a high value on our services, but we assure you that we maintain competitive prices. We provide you all the details of the tour package you booked with us through our Confirmation Voucher. We see to it that we identify all the inclusions and exclusions covering each specific tour program.

      Best Cambodia Tours’ commitment is to provide you with a well-planned, unique, fun, safe, and relaxing trip. We take care of everything to ensure that you will enjoy the destinations you want to visit, relax in your accommodation of choice, learn more about Cambodia’s culture and people, and create fond memories to bring back home.

      Of course, we also always entertain the hope that we’ll see you back.


      Get in touch with us:

      Best Cambodia Tours

      1812 Feathers Hooves Drive New York

      NY 10004

      United States

      Email:  sharon@bestcambodiatours.com

      Phone: 631-712-8278

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